July 20, 2019 - “We Are More” Annual Benefit Reception

On Saturday, July 20, 2019 “We Are More” our 3rd Annual Benefit Reception — hosted by Mr. Todd Belcore, Executive Director of Social Change — was held at the Lawndale Christian Conference Center's Skyline Conference Room located at 3750 W. Ogden Ave.

The central theme of the evening was GROWTH—the growth of the organization, the relationships that have grown out of its development and perhaps most importantly, the potential we all have to grow in the face of difficulty if we choose to believe we are more than the worst thing we've ever done or experienced.

Thank to our guest speaker - Mr. Wilder Kendric "Ken" Berry, senior litigation paralegal with Winston & Strawn, LLP, and our sponsors, the Warren and Catherine Guthrie Foundation, Winston & Strawn, LLP and Nick Robins Photography.

All proceeds from this wonderful event will support the Center’s Annual Fund, making it possible for the organization to continue providing trauma centered services to the communities it serves.

March 10, 2017 - Governor Rauner signs Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Gov. Rauner discusses signing the Neighborhood Safety Act. (Lisa Fielding/WBBM)

Gov. Rauner discusses signing the Neighborhood Safety Act. (Lisa Fielding/WBBM)

March 3, 2017 - StoryCorps Chicago 'Being Able to Forgive Makes More Life Possible'

Courtesy of warren guthrie

Courtesy of warren guthrie

Last year, Lisa Daniels visited the Chicago StoryCorps booth with a friend. Daniels wanted to talk about her son, Darren Easterling, a father of two, who was shot and killed during a drug deal that went bad.

Daniels’ son died in 2012. Four years later, she was still struggling with how to respond to his death.

During that initial StoryCorps conversation, Daniels said victims’ families usually want to put distance between themselves and the people who hurt their loved ones.

A few weeks ago, Lisa Daniels came back to StoryCorps, with another friend, Tom Hurley. She wanted to talk about something that took place a few months ago, the day that she came face-to-face with the man who killed her son in open court.

Bill Healy produces StoryCorps Chicago and teaches journalism at Northwestern University. Follow him @chicagoan.

January 4, 2017 - The 21st - A production of Illinois Public Media

July 22, 2016 - StoryCorps Chicago: 'What is Justice?'

Courtesy of StoryCorps  Sherri Allen-Reaves interviewed her friend Lisa Daniels at the StoryCorps booth in the Chicago Cultural Center.

Courtesy of StoryCorps

Sherri Allen-Reaves interviewed her friend Lisa Daniels at the StoryCorps booth in the Chicago Cultural Center.

On July 22, 2012, Lisa Daniels' son was killed in a drug deal that went bad. Darren Easterling was 25 years old, and a father of two children. Lisa Daniels came into the StoryCorps booth in the Chicago Cultural Center with her friend Sherri Alllen-Reaves. They talked about her son's story and how Daniels has worked to redefine Darren's legacy. 

She begins by describing the night he was shot. Daniels was at home when she got a call from one of Darren's friends. They knew something was wrong with Darren but didn't know where he was or what happened to him...

Daniels recently founded the Darren B. Easterling Center for Restorative Practices in her son's honor.

StoryCorps’ mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to share, record and preserve their stories. 

May 30, 2016 - Happy Birthday Darren!

August 10, 2015 - You Matter!

On July 22, 2012 my son, Darren Easterling was shot and killed in the commission of a drug deal/robbery that went really bad really quickly. Now my son is dead and the man accused of his murder is sitting in jail awaiting trial. Neither of them a winner. I shared this video on my son's Facebook page as a message to his friends reminding them that they matter and that they should never loss hope. I don't believe that my son made the decisions for his life because he didn't believe he was loved, I believe he made those decisions--and consequently died--because he lost hope. #hisnamewasdarren